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love bombing


What you need to know about love-bombing

Love-bombing is a manipulative tactic used to overwhelm a person with affection and attention, which often occurs at the beginning of a relationship or after a person has done something that might jeopardise a relationship. The opposite would be ghosting, abruptly cutting off all communication and contact with anyone previously given regular and exclusive attention or treatment. These buzzwords occupy trend lists and group chats because the acts have become […]

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premature love


The problem with premature love

There's no set timeline for falling in love, but premature love can come with unique risks and challenges. Imagine a delicate flower, budding with potential, blooming prematurely amid the Winter. Think of this scenario as foreshadowing for awakening love before its time. When addressing the Shulammite, the author of Song of Solomon urges her “…not to awaken love until the time is right.” Why could this be? Premature love, in […]

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what is love


What is love?

What is love in terms of being a Christian? Christians should be all about loving others, but it sometimes looks like it's the thing we struggle to do most. People can be tough to deal with most times, so it's not always easy to love them. Attributes like selfishness and self-centredness are easier to practice than being generous or considerate. The word "love" is mentioned over 300 times in the […]

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meaning of friendship


What is real friendship?

Friendship is a gift we all deserve. A friend is a person you have a bond of mutual affection with.  In Greek, this friendly love is called Philia. It's the friendly love between two people who are not related or in love. It’s a love that occurs when both people share the same values and respect each other. It's oftentimes referred to as “brotherly love.” The friends you choose can […]

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talk about difficult things


How to talk to your person about difficult things

With communication being one of the key ingredients to a successful relationship, it's necessary to break down the fear and make room for hard questions. There are many questions girls are too afraid to ask guys because they’re even more afraid of how the guy will react. The fear of expressing curiosity makes communication difficult in a relationship. Furthermore, it’s important to understand how people are brought up and why […]

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