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Gospel Music

The best in Gospel music from around the world

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We bring you the best in Gospel music from around the world. Rock, chill, classic, contemporary, whatever you like, we’re playing it.

Music has the power to transcend prejudice, hate, politics-all the things that divide humanity. It has this inherent power because it speaks to the soul, conveys emotion, and opens the door in our mind that helps us see further, understand better, and feel more. It can blatantly ignore the barriers of language and can ruthlessly, in its beauty, capture our hearts. It can transport us from a place of depression to a place of peace and hope. It can also birth in us the power to overcome the odds we’re facing.

The flip side is, of course, also true. Music has the power to ignite that spark of hope – but it can also call forth a storm of rage. Understanding the profound effect music can have on the soul of man and his spirit, let us carefully consider who we allow to speak to our innermost being. It is a holy place. It’s your sacred place. You need to guard it jealously and with much reverence.

To that end, we chose a selection of Gospel songs across many genres that we believe can be a companion for today’s millennials, Gen Z’s and young adults. In addition, our Gospel music player features artists from across the globe and proudly South African Gospel music. So we invite you to shut out the world, put your earphones on, and take a journey.

We also have a dedicated Gospel Music show called, Have you heard this? with the talented Zoë George.

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