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Podcast Recruitment


We’re looking for young people who are passionate about creating content that inspires and teaches other young people about the modern world. Young people with an identity that aligns with biblical values, to be the host of one of our podcasts.

If you’re interested, record a 2 to 3-minute-long video of yourself discussing any of the following themes: Love and Relationships, Image and Beauty, Identity and Youth. Feel free to invite a guest.

The Video

Record your video in an environment with decent light (i.e. in front of an open window using sunlight as your lighting). Make sure your audio is clear and audible (do not record in a noisy room). You can use a phone or camera.

Video Format: MP4, or any smartphone format
Duration: 2-3 minutes
Orientation: Horizontal (landscape) or Vertical (portrait)

Once your video has been uploaded you will receive an email with a Google form for you to complete (very important).

If you experience any issues with loading your video please upload your video onto a cloud platform (i.e. WeTranfer, Google Drive, OneDrive) and share the link to admin@iamyouth.co.za. Please use the subject title Podcast Host and include your name, surname and email address in the email.

For any questions please contact: admin@iamyouth.co.za

Please Note: All personal information will strictly be used for the purpose of processing your application(s).

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