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Month: Jun 2022

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explain the metaverse


What would life be like in a metaverse and do you want in?

Metaverse is the new buzzword with most people throwing it around like it's decided that we all want to be citizens. Maybe you do, maybe you don't, but let's talk about it before we add our voice to the rest of the sheep baying for release. Looking at you, pastor. I say "release" because if you strip away all the cool jargon, that's what you'll find. It's based on the […]

today15 Jun 2022 39

is crypto a scam


NFTs and Crypto: Scam or legit and should you invest?

Are NFTs and cryptocurrencies a scam or legit; can we trust them? Should we invest in them? In a world as wonderful and technologically advanced as we live in, we are constantly surrounded by technology and use it for everything. However, it is always important to stay on top of things and keep ourselves and our online presence safe. One of the newest world interests is the forming of NFTs […]

today1 Jun 2022 23

Our Socials

I Am Youth web radio is the go-to platform for today’s young adults. Our team of young, charismatic influencers is based in South Africa. We produce high-quality content on TikTok social media and YouTube. Our primary goal is to infiltrate the spaces that young people already occupy.

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