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Month: July 2023

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meaning of friendship


What is real friendship?

Friendship is a gift we all deserve. A friend is a person you have a bond of mutual affection with.  In Greek, this friendly love is called Philia. It's the friendly love between two people who are not related or in love. It’s a love that occurs when both people share the same values and respect each other. It's oftentimes referred to as “brotherly love.” The friends you choose can […]

today30 July 2023 130

finding identity


Can young people today find their identity in Jesus Christ?

Can young people find their identity in Jesus Christ nowadays? The simple answer for any believer is Yes. The beautiful thing about Jesus is that He forms and illuminates each unique individual created by His Father. Identity defines the distinguishing character or personality of an individual. Therefore, your distinct personality is a result of Divine design made more brilliant by your relationship with Jesus. In this era, we have vast […]

today16 July 2023 81

FOMO decision making

Social Media

How FOMO influences your decision making ability

The Fear of Missing Out, aka FOMO influences your decision-making ability and is the leading cause of young people making poor decisions online. Increasing their participation in some silly trend on social media. People join web reel creations to gain notoriety or to feel like they are a part of something. Even if that something is not tangible. Nor can it attribute positively to their lives. Sorry-not-sorry to be the […]

today4 July 2023 18

Our Socials

I Am Youth web radio is the go-to platform for today’s young adults. Our team of young, charismatic influencers is based in South Africa. We produce high-quality content on TikTok social media and YouTube. Our primary goal is to infiltrate the spaces that young people already occupy.

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