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Free WhatsApp counseling

Whether it’s big or small, we are here for you. If you have a smartphone, you’ve got help in your hand.

  • Whatsapp: +27 12 334 1376

Or send us an email to: youthcounselling@iamyouth.co.za

Please send us a WhatsApp text or voice note when you feel overwhelmed, confused, or hurt. Our team of counselors are compassionate and caring people. They will keep the conversations that you share with them private and confidential.

What is counseling?

Counseling is a conversation with someone who won’t judge you or make you feel ashamed when talking to them about the things that trouble you. It may be things that you might have done, witnessed, or experienced yourself. A friend is there to take you by the hand and help you go through the tough times, but a counselor is there to ensure that the tough times do not leave any emotional scars or trauma.

Our emotions are not like our skin because when you fall and cut yourself, you can immediately see it and then go to the doctor or nurse for treatment. But our emotional wellbeing works differently. A person can go on for years not realizing that they have emotional wounds or trauma that they have not dealt with. A counselor is like a nurse who takes care of your emotional wellbeing and can help identify issues that need special attention.

Who can benefit from counseling?

Our free counseling is available for any young person within the age group of 13 – 25 years. There is no need for you to tell us your name or where you’re from. We want to help you overcome whatever may be troubling you. For example, some of us can be going through issues that make it difficult to focus on school and affect our friendships badly. These issues may be trouble at home, a friendship not working out, questions about purpose, God and the Bible.

So if you need someone to talk to, send us a text or voice note today. It’s free.

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