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A talk about cyberbullying and bullying

Law For All defines bullying as: Any abuse of actual or perceived power that targets minors (anyone under 18 in South Africa). Bullying includes physical attacks, purposeful alienation, spreading false rumours, verbal abuse, and various forms of emotional mistreatment. It also consists of any form of cyberbullying as well. It is important to state that bullying isn’t necessarily limited to minors; anyone can experience or perpetuate it. While bullying isn’t […]

today3 April 2024 131

online security


Easy and practical online safety tips

In a world dominated by digital screens and endless scrolling, it's easy to lose track of time while scrolling, trolling, Uber-ing, and posting dance-toks. One crucial question often takes a back seat - are we prioritizing our online safety? Nothing can dampen the digital experience quite like falling victim to cyber threats and hacks. In this article, we'll delve into some easy and practical ways to protect ourselves from the […]

today24 January 2024 377 2

cancel culture


Cancel culture: accountability or bullying?

In recent years, cancel culture has gained significant traction, becoming a prominent aspect of our online and offline interactions. While it aims to hold individuals accountable for their actions, cancel culture also has downsides. Let’s delve into the negative consequences of cancel culture and explore how it lends itself to the toxicity of an environment, hinders productive dialogue, and diminishes the potential for growth and understanding. Listen to the podcast: […]

today10 January 2024 32

FOMO decision making

Social Media

How FOMO influences your decision making ability

The Fear of Missing Out, aka FOMO influences your decision-making ability and is the leading cause of young people making poor decisions online. Increasing their participation in some silly trend on social media. People join web reel creations to gain notoriety or to feel like they are a part of something. Even if that something is not tangible. Nor can it attribute positively to their lives. Sorry-not-sorry to be the […]

today4 July 2023 18

online dating

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Online dating and dating apps

It's perfectly fine to do online dating ❤️ and use dating apps - just be informed and have realistic expectations. In addition to filtering through numerous conversations and staying up to date with multiple people, you need to guard your heart because you will encounter various characters with their own expectations. Furthermore, someone you like can ghost you without explanation. On the plus side, we can meet potential partners virtually […]

today8 February 2023 36 1

online bounderies

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Setting boundaries when interacting online

Social media is the free-for-all platform for online mackin', so setting boundaries with online interactions is necessary. Unfortunately, the lines are sometimes blurred when random online "friends" try cosy up to you through your DMs. Their desperation for your attention comes with a weird sense of entitlement which becomes annoying. Among the two sexes, ladies usually fall prey to online pestering. Of course, there is nothing wrong with getting attention […]

today25 January 2023 83 1

Looking perfect online trap


Looking perfect online is a trap and overrated

Posting perfect pictures online is overrated. It also piles on an unnecessary amount of pressure on folks out here. Around 93 million selfies are taken daily globally, which fluctuates frequently. Most phones come equipped with a front camera and a timer to snap the perfect pose, so you hardly need anyone to take pictures of you for you. How many selfies do you take before you choose the perfect ones […]

today2 November 2022 118 2

explain the metaverse

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What would life be like in a metaverse and do you want in?

Metaverse is the new buzzword with most people throwing it around like it's decided that we all want to be citizens. Maybe you do, maybe you don't, but let's talk about it before we add our voice to the rest of the sheep baying for release. Looking at you, pastor. I say "release" because if you strip away all the cool jargon, that's what you'll find. It's based on the […]

today15 June 2022 88 5 2

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