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Month: February 2023

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make a difference


Your voice matters and it can make a difference

Your voice matters, and it can make a difference. The enemy of progress is self-doubt which can hinder all aspects of your life. Therefore, be deliberate in exercising confidence. While many have the opinion that young people should not be involved in politics, it is important for us to use our democratic rights to make our voices heard and to make a positive impact. You must understand why and how […]

today28 February 2023 770 2

online dating

Social Media

Online dating and dating apps

It's perfectly fine to do online dating ❤️ and use dating apps - just be informed and have realistic expectations. In addition to filtering through numerous conversations and staying up to date with multiple people, you need to guard your heart because you will encounter various characters with their own expectations. Furthermore, someone you like can ghost you without explanation. On the plus side, we can meet potential partners virtually […]

today8 February 2023 36 1

Our Socials

I Am Youth web radio is the go-to platform for today’s young adults. Our team of young, charismatic influencers is based in South Africa. We produce high-quality content on TikTok social media and YouTube. Our primary goal is to infiltrate the spaces that young people already occupy.

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