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Venecia Baloyi

Venecia has always been passionate about the arts. Her journey began at just three years old when she became the youngest member of her church choir. After graduating from the prestigious SAE Institute, Venecia honed her skills as a sound engineer, specializing in recording, mixing, mastering, and audio post-production. Her expertise in sound engineering sets her apart in the industry, allowing her to weave sonic tapestries that captivate audiences and elevate musical experiences.

Beyond her technical prowess, Venecia is a gifted singer/songwriter. She pours her heart and soul into her music, crafting melodies that resonate deeply with listeners. Her voice carries emotions that transcend boundaries, touching the hearts of those who hear her sing. 

Venturing into the realm of hosting, Venecia discovered a hidden talent that further diversified her creative portfolio. From the airwaves of One Way FM to the dynamic platform of the I Am Youth podcast, she effortlessly connects with audiences, fostering engaging conversations and meaningful dialogues. 

Driven by her innate curiosity and love for storytelling, Venecia immersed herself in content creation, building on her childhood passion for recording videos. Her creative vision flourishes as she explores new avenues, documenting her adventures and sharing her experiences with the world.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Venecia finds joy in the simple pleasures of life,  embracing her love for fitness and fashion. She is eager to explore new horizons, immersing herself in vibrant cultures, cuisines, and creative spaces. 

With her passion, talent, and thirst for knowledge, Venecia is poised to redefine the boundaries of creativity and leave an indelible legacy on the world stage.

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