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Let’s Talk Relationships

Tips for healthy relationships

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Cultivating healthy relationships is one of the most significant talking points for young adults, millennials, teens, and Gen Z’s. Typical topics around relationships include online dating advice for teens, having boundaries and what to do about unwanted attention. Your host for REAL-ationships is Maryke Nel.

Relationship advice

A relationship is all about becoming aware of each other’s state of being. Building a solid relationship takes hard work, but the benefits you reap are so worth it! In REAL-ationships with Maryke, it’s all about getting down to the real stuff of life and relationships. The things that we often find intimidating and heavy. Through her determination to live her life in a way that strengthens her emotional wellbeing and improves the impact she has on the people she cares about, she hopes to help you accomplish this for yourself and for those that you hold dear.

With this show, Maryke plans to focus on helping you to strengthen your relationships with family, friends, partners, and with yourself. Her goal is to help you produce the most value out of the relationships that you treasure in a way that benefits all parties involved. To also help you identify those that are toxic and unfruitful. She offers a wide range of topics such as singleness, breakups, courtship, dating and more. The show also discusses the struggles of everyday life, the importance of communication, your purpose and calling, self-love, and mental health within the context of a relationship, whether romantic or platonic.

REAL-ationships with Maryke is available on TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube Shorts as video clips you can watch and easily share with friends and family.

If you’re looking for podcasts about life, love and tech, then head on over to the “I Am Live” channel on iono.fm.

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