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Have You Heard This?

The Gospel music show for finding the coolest new songs

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Have You Heard This? is a mini internet series, Gospel music show about playing and talking about good, enjoyable songs. The show is for young adults and anyone who enjoys good music or is looking for new Christian music. If one wants to stay on top of and clued up about the Christian music scene, then this is the show for you!

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Every episode of Have You Heard This? features the beautiful and brilliant host, Zoe George, who reviews and talks about new music in the Christian music scene. Whether it be a new single, EP or album, Zoe delivers fresh reviews and ensures that every week is different from the other and that no genre is left behind. If the song is about God, enjoyable, or even controversial, Have You Heard This? will not shy away from it. Today, it is not uncommon to see secular artists venture into the Christian music space.

Therefore, in this show, we do not judge the song by the artist who sang it, but rather by the contents of the verses.

The show analyses the music covered in every episode mainly in three different ways:

  1. The album cover
  2. The instrumentals and the lyrics.
  3. A brief background of each artist and album/EP to provide context.

Have You Heard This? aims to expose its audience to different, cool gospel music. And to encourage all young people to listen to Christian music. We want to show the youth that Bible centric music can be very cool and enjoyable while maintaining biblical relevance. So if you are looking to keep up with the trends or perhaps find some new gospel music to listen to, tune into Have You Heard?

Have You Heard This? is available as short video clips that are easy to consume and share on TikTok, Instagram and Facebook. You can also access these clips on the I Am Youth website and on our 24/7 web radio.

You can also check out our podcasts on iono.fm. 

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