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Pros and cons of moving abroad

today13 December 2023 50

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There are many things to take into consideration when preparing to relocate abroad. The international doors present ample opportunities for us to immigrate for better work opportunities and quality of life. However, you need to examine the pros and cons of moving abroad. If not, ignorance may cause you great misery. Therefore, we have put together some tips for you to mull over so you can make the best possible choices before your move, but please don’t let this sink you into a swirl of paranoia.

Prepare prepare prepare

It is better to be over-prepared than under-prepared when planning to relocate. Do thorough research about the country you want to move to. Find out about their culture, social norms, political stability, common crimes, and dangers people experienced there. As you do this, remember that all countries have pros and cons, so these should not deter your decision. They should only inform you so you make a good choice. Perhaps a specific area in the country is a little safer than other areas you may have chosen.

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Beware of frauds

You need to beware of fraud online because it’s easy to see an ad and believe it’s true. The internet is the wild-wild-west electronified, so you must be wise when searching for international opportunities. Almost anyone can build a fake website these days, so find out whether these are legit by calling the actual agency, asking for their clients to share their testimonies, or calling their local government or other organisations who can vet their company. Your life is worth the effort of diligently finding out what is real and what is not.

Human trafficking

 Human trafficking is the unlawful act of transporting or coercing people to benefit from their work or service, typically in the form of forced labour or sexual exploitation. There are numerous ways people can get trafficked, and one of them is false job advertising for opportunities (aboard). We share this information so you can use discernment as you seek out potential offers, and so you use wisdom as much as possible.

It’s okay to feel concerned or scared by this reality. However, it should not conclude your aspiration. Simply ensure to do the groundwork – you can never research enough. Furthermore, you can offer more security by getting a personal tracker tag, allowing someone from home to track your whereabouts should you go missing. Fundamentally, you ought to take on the responsibility of finding ways to increase your security. Moreover, you can seek wise counsel from NGOs that rescue victims of human trafficking.

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Have a solid support group

Ensure you have a solid support group at home and in the new country. Your family, friends and church community can help anchor you by checking in with you when needed and covering you in prayer before you leave and while you are away. Furthermore, before moving, you can join online communities of people based in the country you will relocate to and try to make friends with some people there. Even better, you may find an existing group dedicated to South Africans living there, and you can connect with them.

Your people can offer you wisdom and share advice when needed. You are likely to have some who are against the idea of you moving because of the various dangers out there. Be grateful they care about you that much, but do not allow their view to influence you to settle based on fear. Before leaving, you may feel guilty for leaving them behind, but following your dreams requires various levels of sacrifice.

Overall, your financial standing may improve so you can one day help your loved ones in ways you could not have imagined. Stay connected with your people while abroad as much as possible. Ensure that at least one person has all the necessary details about you so that if any emergent thing occurs, they will know where you are likely to be found and what details to share to assist those needing help.

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Seek wisdom

Finally, you are never too old or young to seek wisdom from those who know better than you. The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing – Socrates. Ask for wisdom from God first and then engage in conversation with your people to hear their perspectives. Your family, friends and church community can offer viewpoints you may have never considered. These can help sharpen your discernment at your discretion. Just make sure you take full ownership of your final decision. Now go forth and conquer, beloved. The world awaits!

Written by Dineo Phadimenyane.

The views expressed herein are those of the writer and not I Am Youth.

Written by: Dineo Phadimenyane

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