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Be grateful for what you have

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Being grateful for what you have helps you see your life through a brighter lens. Naturally, it’s hard to feel grateful for your life when it looks bleak compared to all the glitz and glam you see online. Sadly, an eye fixed on comparison feeds the covet beast. Thus, stealing any joy from you. Meanwhile, deliberately seeking out things to be grateful for can improve your attitude towards your life. In a sense, gratitude can be deemed a discipline you need to exercise in your life on the regular.

The little things

If you can’t find gratitude for what you see as the “little things” in your life now, then how sure are you, you’ll be grateful for the “big things” when they happen? You are alive now, and though you plan for your future, waiting and leaving gratitude for tomorrow doesn’t make sense. Every good thing we take for granted in the present may be missed once it has passed. Sure, you may not be completely happy with your circumstances right now. Furthermore, you may be working towards better ones right here and now. You need to see God’s hand in your life.

All in good time

All things happen in their God-ordained good time. God may have something set for your life. However, your access to it may be withheld to allow you time to grow and mature so you can handle your blessing or gift responsibility. For example, having a car helps make travelling easier, but you must be a certain age to drive a car legally.

Or you may want more money, but how do you handle the money you get now? See, God is a God of abundance, but He is also wise and expects us to grow in wisdom. Perhaps learning to appreciate where we are also forms part of training us to treat what we do have with honour and respect. After all, whether great or small, all good things come from our Father in Heaven.

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