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Comparison is the thief of joy

today10 March 2024 27

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Constantly comparing ourselves against others, whether it’s peers, friends, family, or what we see online, is a widespread habit – and not a great one. It is a sneaky thief, stealthily creeping into our lives and stealing from us because our attention is not on what we already have but on what we do not have. In today’s hyperconnected world, comparison comes easily. We scroll through social media, bombarded with carefully curated posts of seemingly perfect lives. We compare our accomplishments, relationships, and even our physical appearances to those of others, and in doing so, we allow comparison to usurp our contentment.

The Oxford Dictionary:

  • noun: comparison; plural noun: comparisons
  • a consideration or estimate of the similarities or dissimilarities between two things or people.

Can you see beyond the Highlight Reels?

Constantly comparing ourselves sets unrealistic expectations. We get so caught up in what we see online that we forget that it’s often just the highlight reel, carefully crafted to showcase those peak moments. We fail to grasp that behind the facade of perfection lies everyone’s own set of struggles and imperfections. We only see one side of the coin while missing the whole picture.

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Comparison isn’t just a thief of joy; it’s a breeding ground for discontentment. It’s like wearing glasses that filter out all the beauty and blessings in our own lives, leaving us blind to the richness surrounding us. We get so fixated on what we perceive as lacking that we fail to recognize and appreciate the present abundance. Instead of basking in the glow of gratitude, true joy gets overshadowed by envy and an insatiable hunger for more. It’s a vicious cycle where contentment becomes an elusive pursuit, forever dangling out of reach.

Make that choice

While comparison may indeed steal our happiness, there’s hope. Joy isn’t just a fleeting emotion; it’s a daily conscious decision. Likewise, adopting a stance of gratitude is also a choice within our control. So, even in the face of comparison, we can reclaim our joy and cultivate a spirit of thankfulness. So, let’s choose to find joy in our lives, free from the shackles of comparison.

Let’s celebrate our journey and embrace the beauty that lies within us. One way people do this lately is by romanticizing their lives. They literally choose to see the beauty of where they’re at and what they have and make choices that will help them walk into their predestined lives.

Spend some time thinking about how you can uncover the beauty already woven into your life’s fabric. If you need to talk to someone, don’t hesitate to contact our
Youth Call Centre.

Written by Kabelo Milton.

The views expressed herein are those of the writer and not I Am Youth.

Written by: Han

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